Random Thoughts: Angry Feminists, Rathergate, and Hamas

I know I said before that this transgender stuff about having a “female mind” has to fly in the face of feminists.

Really feels like the left should have worked harder at coming up with a coherent story before yelling “bigot” at others.

I’d love to write a movie about Rathergate with the premise the documents were real, but would need to be a comedy and involve time travel.

Could we get Israel to agree to some sort of ceasefire where Hamas gets to keep firing rockets at them?

“Let’s push the sea into the Jews.” -innovative member of Hamas who’s trying to shift the paradigm and think outside the box

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  1. Any movie about Rathergate that ignores Mary Mapes’ involvement in Abu Ghraib might as well be done with animated cartoon characters. I suspect they would be cheaper than Redford.



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