Random Thoughts: Girl-Thor, Ukraine, and Palestinians

Imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever. But that face has government-guaranteed health care. #ProgressiveUtopia

So how much will the new Thor get paid by the Avengers versus what they paid the previous one?

I’m a regular Houdini when it comes to Chinese finger traps.

“Anyone think Obama was a bit hyped in 2008? Not saying I regret my vote, but I’m pretty disappointed.” -Biden, probably

“Mr. President, a passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine.”
“That’s awful! Was anyone on it supposed to attend one of my fundraisers?”

To make things even more progressive, girl-Thor and black Captain America are going to gay marry each other.

Q. What do you call a zucchini that grows underwater?
A. Aquarium-cchini!

People understand big comic book change ups are temporary, right? The only thing more unstoppable in comics than Superman is status quo.

Remember when Dick Grayson was Batman for like two years? No. We already forgot that.

“We will successfully land a rocket on Israel and bring no one back alive.” -Palestinian JFK

We Americans aren’t as tough as we used to be, but still most kids can build basic wood cabin and survive for days in the wilds of Minecraft.

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  1. I think black Captain America is the best thing to happen to comics since Shaft put on an eyepatch! With that in mind, here’s some Cap rappin’:

    When Captain Amuthafucka t’row dat mighty shield
    All punk-ass bitches, snitches, whiteys yield
    If it come to a beef, and da niggaz t’row
    Den t’row wit’ da bro all da niggaz know
    When Captain Amuthafucka t’row dat mighty shield



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