Random Thoughts: Impeachment, Parental Neglect, and Jesse Ventura

WH:”GOP not mentioning it, but discussing impeachment secretly. Saw some go into room that was for men only. Prolly to discuss impeachment.”

I believe we can get Hamas to agree to a ceasefire if they are all dead.

So basically all our parents would be arrested for neglect by today’s standards.

DSCC is sending out 2 mailers:
One to Dems: “GOP thinking of impeaching Obama!”
One to Republicans: “You should think of impeaching Obama.”

2008: “Hope and change!”
2014: “Maybe I can bait the Republicans into impeaching me to halt my cratering popularity.”

Did you know that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has never specifically promised to not murder all Americans?

Can’t another Navy SEAL punch Jesse Ventura in the face to make sure the story is true?

It’s nice how Hulu lets you choose which ad experience you prefer just like Zuul let the Ghostbusters choose their destroyer.

Did you know that the Germans have fifty words for “scowl” but no word for “happy”?

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  1. Prof. Venkman: “The next time Pelosi asks you if you’re serious when questioning the constitutionality of Obamacare, the answer is Yes!”


  2. Umm, about that whole impeachment thing, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of people who aren’t Democrats suggesting; or rather, my email has.


  3. Jesse V is already whining that now he can’t go to seals meetings, because he fears for his life. He’s probably right



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