Random Thoughts: Indie Fiction, Grammar, and Suffragettes

For clarity, indie fiction isn’t fiction about Indiana Jones. Don’t have the rights to him. Plus, property a bit damaged after fridge nuking.

I guess indie fiction is fiction by those who aren’t established authors. I guess I’m kinda an established author, but not in fiction.

If you’ve read my non-fiction books, basically everything is made up in those because I hate research, but still not technically fiction.

Superego will be my first fiction book (and first book from Liberty Island) — first book where I acknowledge everything is made up.

I always have fewer respect for anyone who uses improper grammar.

What if modern feminists could go back in time and tell suffragettes about the plight of having to pay for own $10 abortion pill.

If anyone else says humans use only 10% of their brains, Science! will hit you with a meteor.

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  1. “If anyone else says humans use only 10% of their brains, Science! will hit you with a meteor.”

    Except Liberals do use only 10% (or less) of their brains. It’s like they’ve already been smacked in the head.


  2. I would define indie fiction as fiction that a) can’t be published with mainstream publishers for some reason, or b) the author has specifically chosen to publish independently without using the established publishing structure. However, the non-established author thing is getting closer and closer to reality, as more established publishing companies expect new writers to take ownership of risks that used to be borne solely by the publishers. It’s getting to the “why bother?” level.



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