Random Thoughts: Mr. T, Hillary Book, and Community

In my slash fiction, DOS and Linux both use the same slash for moving through their directory structures.

Will someone please explain to us what sort of border laws we’re allowed to have and to expect people to obey?

My three year old daughter has banned me from doing a Mr. T impersonation 🙁

I didn’t know she had that authority.

It’s just that anytime I see 1yo drinking milk, can’t help but say in Mr. T voice, “Stay in school! Don’t do drugs! Drink your milk!”

The one year old finds that hilarious.

No one reading the Hillary book. Out a month, and someone just noticed it’s “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over.

You need guns to enforce a gun ban. Makes you think.

With the amount of regulations on businesses, you’d think they were one of the most dangerous threats to our country.

Hard to believe this Yahoo resurrecting Community thing. Giving show same budget NBC did. How does Yahoo even still have money?

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth; it’s just so unexpected. BTW, when Community returns, everyone watch it. EVERYONE!

24 has gotten me thinking: If ended up in a war with China, who would build our… everything?

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  1. Does your daughter call you “FOOL!” when she issues these commands? Because that negates any anti-Mr. T rulings.

    “How does Yahoo even still have money?” People have been asking that for what, 14 years?



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