Random Thoughts: Nuclear Weapons, Girl-Thor, and Most Dangerous Guns

I think I’m going to go by the Twitter rule that if you don’t have anything funny to say, then don’t say anything at all.

If we got rid of all of our nuclear weapons, then what would we do if we needed to nuke something? Seems shortsighted.

But what do Vikings think of girl Thor?

I guess I’m really out of it; I know almost none of the songs from Weird Al’s latest polka medley.

I have to give to Rolling Stone for having a headline “5 most dangerous guns” and the article being far dumber than one could imagine.

In an era of tired stupidity on guns, Rolling Stone hit us with brand new, almost brilliant stupidity. Bravo.

Apparently gun control is so unpopular that the only ones left pushing for it are the ones not sure what a gun is.

If you think girl-Thor is going to blow people’s minds, I got a great idea: cat-Wolverine. Wolverine is now a cat. Let’s talk, Marvel.

Why is making Thor a girl a big deal? They once made him a frog. A male frog, though.

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  1. “We determined the types of guns most often recovered from crime scenes and/or used in murders.”
    – Kristen Gwynne (Rolling Stone)

    “Learn The Five Most Dangerous Body Parts!!!
    1. Hair
    2. Fingers (leave prints)
    3. Feet (leave prints)
    4. Blood
    5. Skin cells

    “Beware of anyone with one or more of these — it should send up a red flag, as they are most often found at crime scenes!”


  2. 5 Most Dangerous Presidents
    1. Barry Soetoro (war on America, America is losing fast)
    2. LBJ (war on poverty, poverty won)
    3. JFK (war on Democrats Communism, Communism won)
    4. FDR (war on employment, unemployment won)
    5. Woodrow Wilson (war on income, income lost)


  3. NO_MO_BAMA,
    Completely missing the meme, dude.

    5 Most Dangerous Presidents
    1. Democrats
    2. Republicans
    3. Whigs
    4. Federalists
    5. Derringers


  4. 5 most dangerous animals:
    1. Cats
    2. Cats
    3. Italian Women
    4. Honey Badgers
    5. Cats

    BTW: Wolverine is insufficiently bad-ass to be a cat.


  5. FINE
    So what’s the difference between Barrack Obama and LBJ etc?
    the spelling.
    6. Truman, with a Derringer

    and honey badgers are the most fearless animal on the planet, I saw it on the Game Show Network so it must be true.



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