Random Thoughts: Progressive and Germany Versus Brazil

The council shall be called in the Land of Cleve.

Have we ever considered just not having a president? He might be more trouble than he’s worth.

I’m glad the World Cup is over.

I’m a bit confused: Is “progressive” a euphemism for “liberal” or for “fascist”?

I’m possibly a liberal. Don’t think I’m a progressive. At least not in the direction most progressives want to go.

I guess the U.S. really did deserve to move on for losing to Germany by only one goal.

Starting to finally look like an American football score.

I really hadn’t been paying attention to the World Cup; so had Brazil successfully won a soccer game before?

Germany is only one touchdown ahead with 12 minutes left. Could be anyone’s game.

If you see a German smiling, you know something awful is happening.

Brazil’s seeker better catch the Golden Snitch soon.

Scoring that goal was a big mistake. Now they just made the Germans angry.

I hope we all learned from Brazil the dangers of caring about soccer.

Hopefully Brazil will wake up tomorrow and this was all just a horrible dream.

Scientists predicted that global warming could lead to lopsided German victories at soccer.

Can you buy Kindle books from Costco? Otherwise, don’t care.

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  1. Germans smiling:

    Octoberfest. Belgan sees them smiling and singing and generally being great guys. Stops one, looks at his back, then asks, “Where’s the switch?”

    “What switch?”

    “The one that changes you from happy, singing, great guys into psycopathic killing machines!”


  2. I thought “Progressive” is someone who thinks that founding governments on a 150-year-old ideology proven over and over not to work is “progress”


  3. Come on, Frank, tell us who you’re rooting for now: the Argentinians or the Dutch.

    Is it true that soccer players are actually ballchinians?



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