Random Thoughts: Scroll Lock, Reset, and Batman

So has any anthropologist been able to uncover what the Scroll Lock was ever used for?

When Hillary hit the reset button on Russia, did she check when we last saved?

You can look at a life sentence as a really really really long execution.

Why don’t we just ask the people on death row for good ways to kill people? They all have experience at it.

They should make Batman a woman. Not Batwoman — still called Batman but now a woman.

GOTHAM GAZETTE: “Batman now a woman! In unrelated news, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne now a woman but still called Bruce Wayne.”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re being progressive or an idiot.

There are mean people on the internet! With this vast repository of knowledge at our fingertips, you’d think we’d all be happy all the time.

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what Frank really means.

    @1: See, the Dead Sea used to scroll on by a lot. So they put locks in it so the ship’s could move freely and not have to worry about the altitude change. 😳


  2. In days of yore, or so we’re told, CPUs did text dumps to screens of green; yea, verily, this text could be several kilobytes worth. Happily, the scroll lock kept such from passing away invisibly before your eyes like the child’s animation zooming once across the screen, never pausing to be seen by mortal eyes.


  3. Can you remember the last time you actually used the Print Screen key? Or Caps Lock, or Insert, or, Pause Break? Hell, does anyone even know what Pause Break does? Chances are, you have a number of keys you’ve never even touched. Instead of letting them collect dust, why not do something awesome with them? Here’s a simple way to assign common, useful actions to those unused keys, like putting your computer to sleep, showing hidden files, or ejecting a flash drive.




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