Random Thoughts: Thomas the Tank Engine and Executions

Do you know that when you make fun of Hamas, some people get angry about that? Never once got called out for ridiculing, Nickelback, though.

They’re going after Thomas the Tank Engine now? I actually like that show because it promotes the anti-hippie message of being “useful.”

“I can sympathize with you common people. The smallest of my houses probably isn’t much bigger than yours.”

“Everywhere I look, I think I see Charlie up in the trees. And I can no longer tell where I end and someone else’s writing begins.”

If states keep botching executions, people are going to be too scared to commit murder anymore.

Maybe Carnegie Hall is on Practice Street and all this time we thought people were joking they were giving clear directions.

So what if the execution took two hours? Who are all these sickos so desperate to see people dead they want us to be quick about it?

Pro Tip: There are a lot of good arguments against the death penalty, but none of them involve asking people to feel sympathy for murderers.

Can’t you just put a murderer in a sack and drown him in the river like you would unwanted cats?

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  1. Apparently, he died of acute sleep apnea, i.e., he snored himself to death. Must have been torture for the observers.


  2. “…like you would unwanted cats?”

    Or raccoons. I prefer saltwater. It’s closer.

    There still is the issue of ultimate disposal, however. We don’t want cats … or raccoons … in our landfills, Frank. It’s the smell.


  3. Isn’t that how Johnny Carson described some people at a (nude?) beach–“like a sack of cats headed to the river”?


  4. “If states keep botching executions, people are going to be too scared to commit murder anymore.”

    It’s only a botched execution if the guy lives through it. He didn’t, so today’s goal was accomplished.



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