Salute This

[High Praise! to Anonymiss of Nuking Politics for telling me about this]

The world’s tallest flagpole was erected in Sheboygan, WI.

400 feet tall.

It looks… a little odd… when photographed from a distance. Like someone who doesn’t know how to draw flagpoles correctly did a really bad photoshop job:

This picture gives you a better perspective on just how monstrously huge this thing is:

Anonymiss sent me a couple pics she got while driving by it:

For even more awesome pictures, just do an image search for “Sheboygan flagpole” (without quotes).

I guarantee they’ll give you Independence Day tingles like you ain’t had in years.

Oh, and here’s a great article full of nerdy engineering & construction details from the American Society of Civil Engineers site. For example:


“A site-specific wind and climate report determined that the flagpole should be designed for a low service temperature of -41 degrees Celsius. The analysis also considered minimum and maximum wind loading using criteria established by ASCE 7: Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (ASCE, 2013) for icy and nonicy weather conditions. A subsequent wind analysis by APE, Inc., revealed that the flagpole would be subject to significant cross-wind response, causing it to oscillate substantially-a phenomenon known as vortex shedding. To reduce the movement and suppress the first three modes of vibration on the pole, three pendulum-style tuned-mass dampers will be suspended at various heights within the flagpole. “A slender piece of steel cantilevered out of the ground like a flagpole will oscillate with very low inherent dampening-well below one percent of critical,” Blomgren explains. “With the dampers, we are increasing it to two to three percent dampening.”


Mmmm… tuned-mass dampers…

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  1. D*** dirty APE, Inc. ! Bunch of nonicy boys.

    (Sorry — didn’t mean to get my dampers in a bunch. I don’t know vortex shedding from Shinola.)


  2. How about a row of these, each abutting the next, for a thousand miles along the Mexican border?


  3. That is strictly and American phenomenon.

    Thanks, Anonymiss. And happy 4thof July to all!


  4. Oh, and I forgot…


    “No. Sheboygan.”

    (Isn’t there also a Sheboygan, Michigan?)



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