Why You Should Hire C & R’s Out on a Limb Tree Care, LLC to Trim Your Trees in Michigan

Posted on July 17, 2014 9:00 pm

[submitted by pbunyan [High Praise!]

I found myself fascinated and delighted watching this video, because I love watching people who are good at what they do, doing that thing very well.

[Bye Bye Old Red Oak] (Viewer #121)

It saddens me that OoaLTC’s web site is… a bit unimaginative… so I’m posting this so the internet can see just what kind of work they do. These guys seem deserving of some good press.

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8 Responses to “Why You Should Hire C & R’s Out on a Limb Tree Care, LLC to Trim Your Trees in Michigan”

  1. Dodsfall says:

    I don’t mind heights, but no thanks.

  2. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    This is the second video of an innocent tree being murdered this week, I think you might be TREEIST!!


  3. Jimmy says:

    I know a guy like that. He rigs a tree, then Tarzan’s to other trees and rigs those, then he drops them all in sections in short order. If you’re on the ground trying to keep up (limbing and such), ‘it’s impossible! The guy’s a monkey.

  4. DamnCat says:

    He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK awesome!

  5. pbunyan says:

    My first High Praise! I’m so honored. Thanks!

    And yeah, he is up there. That cluster of branches was about 60 feet off the ground. I ended up getting 5 nice 10′ logs off that tree for my sawmill, plus several feet of knotty firewood logs at the top. I counted the rings on the stump and that tree started growing around 1883. I hated to see it go, but the after lightning strike, I don’t think it had much longer anyway. Lots of damage and rot at the top (right where that guy was working!).

  6. CCO says:

    Very meticulous job. Lots of those I told myself it would probably be okay to just let drop to the ground, but he tied them all off.

    Nice camera work as well.

    (And I don’t do heights; not like that for sure!)

  7. pbunyan says:

    @#6 CCO. You can’t really tell because of the camera angle, but a lot of the branches were over my house and on the other side was my internet tower, plus the tree was only a couple feet from the house, so they really did have to tie them all off and let them down slowly. I thought it was pretty ingenious how they used the branch that was the farthest from everything to get all the branches to swing away from the house and tower before they dropped them.

  8. CCO says:

    Yeah, tree tops are no place for impulsiveness.

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