50 State Steretypes: Does Summer Matter?

Back in January, I posted this map:

and CCO [High Praise!] said:

Let’s see the map again in July or early August and see how many say “hot”.

Well, it’s been a pretty cool summer so far, but it’s August now, so let’s give it a shot.

Now, I’m far too lazy to do all 50 myself, so I’ll ask for help. Just do your home state & leave your results in the comments (you can do more than one state, if you want, but that’s your call).

I’ll start:

When I Google “Why is Wisconsin so”, my top autocomplete result is “cold”.

Your turn.

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  1. Pennsylvania’s top result is still ‘haunted’, but several of the first few results are in reference to this map. The next three results are ‘humid’, ‘corrupt’, and ‘backwards’.


  2. Why is New Mexico so enchanting?!?! I think someone in the tourism industry must be bolstering that result. NM is ok, but I grew up here so maybe I’m just a little disenchanted.


  3. NC is still “cheap.” (Tell that to the folks in the corners of the state paying 30 cents more a gallon for gasoline–no joke; 65 miles away it’s at least 20 cents more a gallon, same chain of stations, same state excise tax.)

    And yeah, I saw less rain when I had to go to Fort Lewis (south of Seattle) for two weeks to support ROTC camp back in 1996; but maybe that was unusually dry for Washington as July and the start of August have been wet here. We’ll keep praying for Hurricane Bertha to split the difference between here and Bermuda, and I’ll guess we’ll be okay. Years like this one (as oppose to 2008, e.g.) show the truth to grandpa’s saying that “dry weather will scare you, but wet weather will ruin you.” Of course, on the gripping hand, there’s the Flood of the Century that came after Hurricane Dennis hit us (twice!) and Hurricane Floyd followed it. It wasn’t flooded everywhere; it’s just there were floods everywhere you wanted to go–including their houses for some people.


  4. Why is Tennessee so… 1. backward. 2. racist.
    Why is North Dakota so… 1. cold. 2. flat. 3. boring. 4. conservative. 5. windy.
    Hey! those are North Dakota’s best qualities! (Cold, flat, boring, conservative and windy – keeps the Riff-Raff out!)


  5. In Google I get the following for my original home state of Indiana


    Regarding that second one, folks might want to come down to the southern part of the state where we couldn’t afford Ice Age glaciers like them rich folks up north could.

    Of course, as I start typing it, I get: “why is indiana jones ride closed”


  6. Indiana – should have been ‘cold’, Indianapolis having just had its coldest July on record.
    As for ‘Republican’ – Indiana voted Obama into office in 2008. That was pretty cold also!



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