About that Poodle Picture

Obama’s being roundly mocked – and rightly so – over this picture that was tweeted by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister:

But it’s even crueler to Obama than you might think.

That picture comes from a photo shoot he did in 2009 in the Winter edition of The American Dog Magazine, wherein he promised to adopt a shelter dog.

He ended up getting a purebred from Ted Kennedy.

Oops. Promise broken.

Oh, and their second dog wasn’t adopted either.

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  1. Oh you said shelter dog as in from an animal shelter. I thought you said sheltered dog, as in sheltered from reality. You know like me.


  2. Obama really does look like he’s about to take that cute puppy straight to the kitchen so that it can be dinner. Actually, it’s sort of small. Probably just a bedtime snack…



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