Bicycle Race

Everyone’s seen the pictures of Obama riding a bike. Turns out that his Secretary of State can ride a bike, too.

So, in a bicycle race between Barack Obama and John Kerry, who would win?

[Credit: Obama – AP, Kerry – Eliana Johnson]

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  1. The winner is the one with the most Hello Kitty decals on his bike.

    (It’s amazing that such a pair of dorks can cause so much mischief in the world. Obama really lit up the Middle East with his idiotic Arab Spring — back-stabbing Gadhafi, Mubarak, the Iraqis, and everybody else in sight.)


  2. The front gears and chains on both bikes win, because they snags their pant legs and devour both of them before their secret service details can do anything about it (and also because I’m betting neither is smart enough to stop peddling when this happens – kind of like how they govern!). Also: riding a bike in slacks in not exercise – it’s a photo op.



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