Cartoon of the Day – Protest

[Dana Summers – GoComics]

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  1. – Over 200 years ago my ancestors were dragged here against their will. How am I supposed to get the American Dream unless I steal everything from this store owner who came here with nothing 20 years ago? It ain’t fair that he got the dream before me. People just don’t respect us like they do these store owners. It’s not fair, man so I’ll get mine anytime we can overpower law and order. –
    That is the message these thugs send, and they can’t see, or don’t care, how it fuels racism against ALL black Americans. At times like this, these opportunists become a MUCH bigger enemy than the KKK to the vast majority who are now being tainted by the selfishness of these few. They could learn a lot from the words of Martin Luther King Jr. about how best to protest injustice.



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