I Love My Country More When It Doesn’t Tax Me Blind

In his weekly radio address, President Obama criticized American companies that “are fleeing the country to get out of paying taxes,” calling them “unpatriotic”.

Didn’t George III used to make a similar argument about tea-drinkers?

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  1. He’s right, they should stay here, give away 40% of their income and fire 2/3 of their workers so the government can give it to them as welfare instead,(after they take their cut of course, government workers are very expensive) good idea!


  2. Yeah, they’re fleeing the country to avoid crushing corporate taxes. And they’re also fleeing because NAFTA and a raft of such agreements have made it dirt-cheap to manufacture in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Mexico… Six million jobs gone and counting.

    Couldn’t we do something about those “perverse incentives,” instead of just jaw-boning businesses?



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