Incendiary Commentary

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has accused conservative blogger Matt Drudge of trying to inflame conservatives and “stir up a civil war,” with his coverage of the border crisis.

No, no, wrong war. This one’s “remember the Alamo”.

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  1. What other country on earth allows a massive flow of illegal immigrants come into their country with the backing of major media outlets? Geraldo Rivera is out of touch with reality. It is quite clear, the United States requires immigration reform, but under Obama it’s pick and choose which laws will be implemented, much like what he does with Obamacare. So event though the Republicans get a bill passed that doesn’t mean Obama will implement the whole law. Democrats prefer not to have a bill passed because then they can blame it on the Republicans. Even the mean time, President Obama started a immigration crisis as blackmail to get a reform bill done.



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