Obama Warned Us – Helping Families

“Whenever I can go ahead and help families like yours and have the legal authority to do it, I’m going to do it.” —President Obama


“Just kidding. I’d never lift a finger to help your family. Also kidding about letting a lack of legal authority stop me from doing something.”

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  1. Allow me to translate:
    “Whenever I can go ahead and help bribe families welfare “mothers” and all around deadbeats who just don’t feel like working and of course, as many third world scumbags as I can drag over here, like you useful idiots who voted multiple times and got me elected…twice and I really don’t give a $hit if I have the legal authority to do it or not, I’m going to do it and if anyone says anything, I’ll call them a racist.”


  2. I have to stick up for Obama keeping at least one promise.

    Of course he was talking to Islamic jihadis at the time, but at least he kept that promise.



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