Obama Warned Us – Higher Education

In the weekly address, President Obama discusses the importance of affordable higher education: http://ofa.bo/i0dF #CollegeOpportunity


“College is where you learn that the government has a monopoly on the student loan industry, so please borrow generously.”

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  1. @2: ALOT!!! –In student loans, which they will default on due to unemployment, so we will have the cost handed to us one way or another….And usually for no less than 8 years at college before they return home to live with parents for another 10 years or so while crying about injustice and how society needs to take care of everyone.


  2. ‘Cause you know, affordable higher edumacation worked out so well for the Boy King Narcissus I – “affordable” being “on someone else’s dime.” I’ll bet he never even bought his own weed – probably bummed off everyone else’s stash. I’m guessing that’s what he meant by “higher” edumacation. No one at Occidental remembers him, probably because he was toking back in the dorms or something.

    Say, Mister Obamalama, sir, as long as you’ve brought up college, what kind of grades did you pull down while you were in?



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