Obama Warned Us – Pollution

Check it out: Last week, @OFA volunteers celebrated the success of health care reform. http://ofa.bo/g0aK


“And this week, they’re all jobless because their employers went bankrupt paying Obamacare premiums.”

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  1. Which means they are now on unemployment (tax free money), with a new Obama cell phone (ditch the old monthly plan). Stay unemployed long enough and they are rewarded with Medicare (Obamacare prototype), food stamps—*Errr..Uh*.. E.B.T. card.. (wouldn’t want to embarrass them for taking my money), and their rent is now subsidized…”Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money! Great plan Barry. I think they should be allowed to play on all golf courses, at our expense, so that they can “network” and find another job. You wouldn’t mind if they “play through”, would you sir?


  2. Seems like just yesterday, Obama was warning us about pollution.

    What are “OFA volunteers” and what did they volunteers to do, stop working and get free “health care”?
    Is that why they’re celebrating?


  3. @1 ConnecticutCompromise

    i think that they get Medicaid, not Medicare, though who knows anymore.

    Medicare would follow after long enough, i guess



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