Odd, Yet Inarguable

Posted on August 27, 2014 9:00 pm

That first thought’s a little disturbing, but otherwise I was just amused by this:

[Simply Genius Shower Thoughts With Nick Offerman | Mashable] (Viewer #1,046,639)

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4 Responses to “Odd, Yet Inarguable”

  1. Hunter says:

    “Technically we’re all half centaur” ??? That’s probably more brilliant than I realize, and I realize that’s brilliant!

  2. Doug says:

    That first thought was disturbing. Ewwww! Some things are best left unsaid!

  3. blarg says:

    I don’t know….I’ve always suspected that Carter and Johnson had a thing going on. You know I Spanish they called Johnson “El BJ”.

  4. ConnecticutCompromise says:

    I’m just guessing…This guy lives in Colorado or Washington state.

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