One Nutshell: The Obama Economy

[High Praise! to Transterrestrial Musings]

Unlike Clinton’s lies in 1992, this really is the worst economy since the Depression. And for many of the same reasons – government meddling in it.

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  1. Many, many presidents inherited a bad economy when they took office. Only two had not worked through the problems before the end of their first term. Obama and Roosevelt.


  2. Respected analysts have argued that Hoover did more to bring the U. S. out of the Depression — by keeping the government out of it and allowing markets to correct themselves — than Roosevelt did with his meddling; citing, for example, how many other countries emerged from the Depression years earlier than the U. S. without government micromanaging. The recovery was already underway when he took office.

    However, Roosevelt had the press and later historians in his corner.



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