Our Fair Share

Posted on August 21, 2014 8:00 am

In a recent immigration sob story, Geraldo Rivera wrote that the US “could feed every poor child in Central America”.

Have you seen the border lately? I think we already are.

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5 Responses to “Our Fair Share”

  1. Burt says:

    probably could do it for the cost of our wonderfully successful ‘gun for druglords’ operation.

  2. Keith Arnold says:

    Then maybe Geraldo Rivera needs to write a check, doesn’t he? It’s sure nice of him to be charitable with everyone else’s money that Americans have earned.

  3. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    Considering half of them are here now, “we” already are.

  4. Nucking Futs says:

    @2, my thoughts exactly. There is nothing stopping Geraldo from setting the example. Who knows, maybe the rest of his liberal brethren will follow?

    OK, I’m done laughing now……

  5. ConnecticutCompromise says:

    …Has Geraldo ever seen Appalachia, or some of the Native Indian reservations (those which don’t own casinos) ?? We already have plenty of people who have been here for generations and could desperately use our help.

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