Palestinians Are Hippies?

John Kerry says:

“Israel has to live without terror and tunnels and rockets and sirens going on through the day,” Kerry said. “Palestinians have to be able to live freely and share in the rest of the world and live a life that is different from the one they have long suffered.”

Ok, ignoring Kerry’s fuzzy-dreamy wish list for the Palestinians of “live…share…live”, can we address the fact that it’s the Palestinians who are providing the “terror, tunnels, & rockets” that Israel must find a way to “live without”?

Easy solution – stop letting the Palestinians live. Or share. Or live.

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One Comment

  1. If the Israelis were stupid enough to enforce their border laws the way we do…they would have been overrun and destroyed thirty or forty years ago. Kerry is a moron, of course if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have been selected for the job now would he!?



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