Partly I’d Be Curious, Partly I Just Want to See Liberals Hit With Rocks

The Virginian [High Praise!] on Ferguson:

Here’s the baseline: MSNBC’s Larry O’Conner gets rocks thrown at him by masked members of the race riot in Ferguson. He’s quite calm about it and keeps spinning.

Let’s try an experiment, at the next Tea Party rally, throw rocks at the press.

There’s a video at the link. Rocks don’t happen until about 30 seconds in.

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  1. They attack him just because he’s white.
    He’s got zilch to spin, but he does anyway. They’re not oppressed, they’re not powerless, and they’re not the victims of racism. Priceless.
    Just as astounding: they aired it, rather than just leave it on the editing room floor.


  2. Similarly, there was a piece aired on one of the alphabet networks on Tuesday, 8/19 — apparently a recurring feature, introduced as “So & So’s America” (I didn’t recognize the name). Some almost biker-looking white reporter. Trying to show how poor and misunderstood the LOOTERS were, by interviewing a non-looter. He and his cameraman got attacked with rocks and bottles until the screen went black. What they were trying to accomplish by airing it on a liberal network, I’ll never know!


  3. The problem is that, by and large, Tea Partiers are law abiding. Throwing rocks and other objects at innocent people is against the law. Ergo, Tea Partiers soil not throw rocks at reporters.



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