Popularity Contest

A new poll shows that Darth Vader has higher favorables than Hillary Clinton.

Then again, Vader didn’t say “what difference does it make?” after blowing up Alderaan.

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  1. My wife and I have a running argument about the electability of Shrillary (she is, of course, wrong… but don’t try to tell her). My stance is that Hillary’s is a name that everybody recognizes and they lazily say, “yep, I think she will win.” I think that Hillary sucks as a campaigner and has racked up 8 more years of stupid gaffes and unbelievably tone deaf statements. Her book tour was a disaster of gaffes and tin-eared statements, and the book tour had about 0.1% of the intensity of an actual campaign (primary or general). If she runs – she won’t – I don’t think that she will make it out of the primaries (again).

    Just for the record, my wife is an awesome conservative but gets tricked sometimes on account of our nearness to DC.



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