Promoted Comment: Obama’s Rapid Response

Raving Lunatic [High Praise!] responded thusly to yesterday’s Straight Line: “President Obama’s plan to protect America from the deadly ebola virus…”

Staffer: “Pssst, MR. President, what’s the answer?”
O: “Hey, are you blind? I’m putting here. What other President has ever had to put up with this?
Staffer: “But Frank J asked a question. You wouldn’t want to appear unprepared in front of the press.”
O: “Who? Oh wait, that’s the guy who wrote my best biography, right? What was the question?”
Staffer: “What’s your plan to fight Ebola?”
O: “Which group of freedom fighters is that? The one in Africa or um… Atlantis, was it?”
Staffer: “The disease in Africa, sir.”
O: “Oh right, right. Ebola. That’s like chickenpox, right? Just infect everyone now and get it over with. Then everyone will be immune no one will ever catch it again.”

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