Random Thoughts: Ferguson, Obama, and Iraq

Reminder: If you want the media’s help in holding your elected officials accountable, make sure they’re all Republican.

We need a militarized police to make sure everyone buys health insurance.

My twitter feed is primarily the right saying how awful police abuses are in Ferguson and the left saying the right are ignoring Ferguson.

You’ll never hear the right comment on things if you don’t actually know anyone on the right.

I don’t know why Pauline Kael got all that criticism; I don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon either. That was like a hundred years ago.

So has anyone in the media figured out how to blame the Ferguson on Republicans or are they still working on that?

Maybe the president is planning a short, honest speech. “I don’t really care about this.”

Anyone think of getting Obama a digital watch? Maybe he doesn’t know how to read an analog one and that’s why he’s always late.

This is big government. The whole point of big government is that it’s big and scary so you have to do what it says.

Liberty and distrust of big government is not just for white males.

I’m just happy when the president doesn’t make things worse.

I have to say, the Obama presidency has been very educational to a lot of different people in a lot of different ways.

The president is trying to lead by example. Everyone in Ferguson is supposed to drop everything and go golfing.

If you don’t hear the right talking about Ferguson, you really need to clean the epistemic closure out of your ears.

Progressive philosophy is forcefully take money and power from the people and throw it to the govt assuming only good people will catch it.

Will I ever stop feeling guilty about how in 2002 I went out and socialized on Friday nights instead of staying home watching Firefly?

Iraq has been consistently rated by US presidents as one of the top spots to invade.

“I promise that there will be no more boots-on-the-ground in Iraq. Wait… do uggs count?”

An important principle to always remember: The government only has the ability to give insofar as it has the ability to take.

Everyone in the police is out of control; CSIs are going to funerals and making quips about dead people they’re not even investigating.

The left’s belief that conservatives are motivated by racism is a religious tenet and thus there is no logically arguing against it.

There seems like a lot the left and the right can come together on about Ferguson. Maybe we should stop jabbing each other in the eye.

Eh. Probably not.

What’s happening in Ferguson is really making me question the wisdom of making a Robocop.

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  1. I’m very divided on the whole Ferguson issue. On one hand, If you physically attack a police office, you should fully expect to get shot. On the other hand, if it turns out the officer did act inappropriately then it proves that we should take away the government’s guns because they can’t handle them.

    By the way has anyone noticed that all the “witnesses” have a different story.?


  2. So, isn’t pointing a loaded firearm at someone who is not committing a crime a form of assault?

    And is it okay for police to do that in Missouri but not ordinary citizens? And probable cause is not required?

    I’m picturing a permitted (legal) protest march in a permissive open carry state where the marchers are armed with long guns and they and the police are mutually staring down each other’s gun barrels.

    Perhaps that’s the way it should be done. Let’s just stare down each other’s gun barrels and see what happens.


  3. There is the scene from Tombstone where it is the OK corral and everyone is pointing guns at everyone else with Earp saying he doesn’t want any violence and things just slow down for a couple of seconds as everyone is thinking about the situation. And then Doc Holliday winks at Billy Clinton and Wyatt just gets that “Oh ****” look knowing what’s going to happen and then everyone just starts blasting away at everyone else. You know if people are staring down gun barrels at one another it could be anything that will set off a general disaster so I, for one, am not as sanguine as to “seeing what happens” **** could get real too damn fast.


  4. Agreed, Walrus, but if “law enforcement” has the right to commit assault without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, I submit such “law enforcement” is a contradiction in terms and such community that allows it is uncivilized.


  5. I also agree that we have a growing problem with law enforcement seeing themselves to be unconfined by generally accepted legal process I just think confrontation might not be the best course of action to undertake without some bow to the possible consequences as well as not having much of a plan for what happens AFTERWARDS. What do we want from the police and are there other avenues to achieve it that doesn’t put a lot of people at risk of getting seriously dead. Are we ready to follow through on a violent revolution? I don’t thin we are at that point yet but it may come soon and it may come when and where we least suspect it.


  6. I for one am glad things are calming down. Our two senators were no help: one on each side of the issue. The feds were no help. The media were no help. It took an adult governor (a Democrat – who kne!) bringing in calm state troopers from my Ozarks to lower the temperature on the powderkeg. Now it’s coming out that Mike Brown was a person of interest in a violent robbery. Not that that merits being shot ten times. Both sides are at fault. If the out-of-staters and inflammatory media would butt out maybe this can be resolved.


  7. Glad to hear things are getting calmer.

    @9–Over at Ace of Spades there is a post about how the media keeps mentioning “unarmed teenager” shot as oppose to 6′-5″ 300 pound Mr. Brown shot when he tried to beat up a cop in the back of his cruiser.


  8. CDR Salamander leads his blog mentioning the state law enforcement personnel are wearing usual uniforms, not paramilitary tactical gear that you’d use to storm a crazy person barricaded in a building. Others have also mentioned the appearance factor in regards to what law enforcement looks like–again at Ace of Spades, I think.


  9. I must confess…I was unaware of Firefly until Serenity was released. Had I known then what I know now, I’d’ve sent an email in protest of it’s pending cancellation.



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