Random Thoughts: Hate, Magnets, and Obama

Can’t all races just come together and hate hipsters or something?

I’m really rooting for Obama to turn things around and become a good president these last two year. It’ll make a great story.

We really should reexamine the idea of letting the government have access to guns.

Let’s not politicize the upcoming election.

I made an unfolded hyperpyramid out of my highly illegal magnet toys.

I have to keep resisting the urge to swallow the tiny, powerful magnets.

Well, I’m not racist, so this sorta sounds like everyone else’s problem.

Thought way to check if mute is on in a conference call is to shout profanities at whoever is speaking, but I guess others do it differently.

Everything a police officer does on duty should be videotaped. And everything a legislator does 24/7.

These police officers seem to have as good a grasp of what’s legal as Obama does of what’s Constitutional.

If we give the government all the guns, money, and power and elect lots of progressives, everything will be okay.

“I want all the worst aspects of George W. Bush, but in a different color.” -2008 voters

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  1. Government needs access to guns to protect us from people like you who insist on playing with illegal magnets.



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