Random Thoughts: NES, Hamas, and Equality

I grew up much tougher than kids these days. Ever seen how hard old NES games were?

Maybe the left could win the debate if they cried racism more.

Do you think anyone ever went to the Supreme Court and was disappointed a bunch judges came out to the bench instead of The Supremes?

So here’s the thing I don’t get about the Israel situation: Is it just unreasonable to expect Hamas to not mindlessly fire rockets?

People on Israel’s side expect adult behavior from both. People on Palestinian side seem to expect adult behavior from only one.

Is the pro-Palestinian side racist against the Palestinians and don’t think they can be held to the same standard as Israelis?

Don’t mindlessly fire rockets at people. And if someone near you is, put a stop to that. Is that too much to ask of fellow human beings?

So can we men explain to the female Justices what they don’t understand — like apparently the concept of rights?

I’m a man, and I’m up for some major splainin’!

Trailer for the latest Christopher Nolan movie doesn’t make it look very fun… but I thought that for last 3 of his movies which I loved.

The trailers always make his movies look so self-serious like they’re going to be really boring dramas.

TRAVEL GUIDE: “If going to the East, go to either the easternmost part of the East or the western part of the East. But stay out of middle.”

In the U.S., we’re used to the people who want to kill us living very far away. In Israel, they’re a stones throw away throwing stones.

Is equality a religious concept? Doesn’t seem to have rational basis as evolution has no interest in making everyone equal.

Equality seems to rely a lot on the concept of the soul – an eternal part of us that is equal despite outward, superficial differences.

Since the left believe in science, is there good example of them abandoning a belief and joining with the right because science said so?

It has to be tough for Obama being the first president ever to have to deal with an opposition party.

Did we check if Hamas even knows how to cease fire?

I hope when the next Game of Thrones book comes out it starts with a “previously on” section that reminds me what I read 20 years ago.

My computer caught eBola.

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  1. Not to be confused with the iBola, which is Apple’s new addition to the competitive field of hand-thrown devices for tripping up game. It’s basically your standard bola, but sleeker and more futuristic looking.


  2. Depends on what you mean.

    Equal opportunity is a civilization thing.

    Staying equal (as in, ‘equal lives’) is a commie, socialist or nannarchist thing.


  3. Is the pro-Palestinian side racist against the Palestinians and don’t think they can be held to the same standard as Israelis?

    Andrew Klavan, in How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre: “Instead of blaming Muslims for their actions, try to treat them as sub-humans, with no moral agency. If they had no choice but to go on a kill spree, the only fault lies with the man who provoked them.” Watch the full video, it is most helpful:



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