Random Thoughts: Null

I have no random thoughts. Perhaps it’s happened as I always feared: I’ve ran out of clever things to say for good. Every day I always think, “That’s the last clever thing I’ll ever come up with.” and maybe now it’s finally come true. If so, it’s been a good run. Well, it’s been an okay run.

It’s been a run.

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  1. Just some anagrams for “Random Thoughts”:

    Grand “Huh” Mottos
    Man, Hotdogs Hurt
    Had Thong Tumors
    Damn “Or” Thoughts
    Drag Thou Months
    Nomads Hog Truth
    Groan Thud Moths
    Angst Doth Humor


  2. One must also realize that Frank’s “Null” as a random thought is as likely as any other random thought.

    And if the “Null Set” is empty, does this mean Frank’s head is… empty?

    (Sometimes I try to get in trouble but often fail miserably.)


  3. I ran out of clever things to say on Facebook after the concussion. I was 63 when that happened. That was a week before Hillary had her famous head-banging incident. What’s your excuse again, Frank?



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