Random Thoughts: The Police, Smarts, and Tiny People

If we don’t militarize the police, it won’t be able to stop people from using the wrong light bulbs or selling really large sodas.

For the last five years the country has been run by a guy who thought Joe Biden was smart.

How about instead of using tax dollars to make bicycle paths, we use the money toward getting all those poor people cars.

If Obama were in the Senate at the time, he would have voted for the Iraq War. The guy is no profile in courage.

Are there any stats on how foreign policy crises affect the president’s golf score?

It’s violently ripping apart a tiny human; the reasons for opposition to abortion aren’t exactly a mystery.

You can argue the violent ripping apart of the tiny human is justified, but don’t pretend it’s hard to understand why people don’t like that.

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  1. Obama knew damn well that Vice President Human Shield wasn’t smart was the stupidest person ever born, that’s the reason he picked him. ‘You think I’m bad, look who’ll take over if you get rid of me’.
    Seems like it’s worked….so far.


  2. Marthas Vineyard (AP) A spokesman for the white house admitted to reporters that the presidents golf game has been “off” lately due to the foreign policy crises in the middle east. The spokesman further stated that the president is considering sending more observers and unarmed advisors to Iraq if he decides that by doing so he can improve his golf game. After all the spokesman concluded…the president doesn’t want to become another golf has been like Tiger Woods.



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