Straight Line of the Day: President Obama Held a Press Conference and Only Answered Two Questions. The Third Question…

Posted on August 5, 2014 12:00 pm

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

President Obama held a press conference and only answered two questions. The third question…

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25 Responses to “Straight Line of the Day: President Obama Held a Press Conference and Only Answered Two Questions. The Third Question…”

  1. Steve H says:

    … caused his head to explode, breaking what is left of his moral compass.

  2. Bob B says:

    …was left for Gregg Popovich to handle –

  3. Bob B says:

    …would have interfered with his tee time.

  4. jw says:

    …overlapped a fundraiser

  5. Oppo says:

    (someone’s got to guess “favorite color” or “airspeed of an unladen swallow.”)

    … was about what he was smoking. As they say, third time’s the choom.

  6. Amer-I-Can says:

    could not be clearly read on the tele-prompter, and was thus completely ignored.

  7. Editor says:

    …was from Obama: “Why are you asking me all these questions?”

  8. chip says:

    The third question…Its time to pray, which way was East again?

  9. Greg says:

    Mr. President, how do you maintain your amazing awesomeness? (This from every member of the MSM)

  10. Burt says:

    …was above his pay grade.

  11. Anchorman says:

    #6 Well done.

  12. HokieGomer says:

    …was what is the air-velocity of an unladen swallow?

  13. c64wood says:

    …came from Obama and the question was, “It is?”. It was in response to someone saying, “meeting is adjourned”

    Meeting is adjourned.
    It is?
    No you say that.
    Say what?

  14. Ogrrre says:

    “The third question …” asked by a Fox News Reporter was, “Would you name your greatest positive accomplishment for our country?”

  15. can of spam says:

    … didn’t concern sports or his birthday.

  16. FormerHostage says:

    …was to the White House Press Corps asking them how far they were going to bend over biotches!

  17. Dohtimes says:

    …came after the reenactment of the Blazing Saddles campfire scene, like every other Obama presser.

    …could not be met with an answer convoluted enough to cover all exigencies, cure cancer and end world hunger (at least while meeting Mooshelle’s dietary and ethnic cleansing guidelines).

    was about dog recipes which caused such a Pavlovian reflex that the drool short circuited the microphone.

    …was “Joe, didn’t I warn you about making peepee on the rug when company is around”?

  18. Gumbeaux says:

    “Since you didn’t answer either of the first two questions, as is your norm, isn’t it pointless to continue this charade?”

    “Which is climbing faster, the federal debt or your lifetime “uh” count?”

  19. Iowa Jim says:

    . . . involved some higher mathematics, specifically, subtraction.

  20. Writer says:

    re you ever going to take the blame for what you have done to this country, or should we wait for your replacement to blame you for everything?

  21. DamnCat says:

    Where’s Oppo?

  22. DamnCat says:

    Oh, he’s in here – my bad.

  23. Karen says:

    … was relevant.

    .. Came after, ‘How are you?’ and ‘Some weather we’ve got, huh?’

  24. archangel says:

    “who the f#c& said that?”

  25. NO_MO_BAMA says:

    If TOTUS told you to say “I resign and Joe Biden does too” you’d have to do it, right?

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