We Don’t Want to Look at Your Phone – UPDATED

I don’t know if what this video has to say is all that important in the grand scheme of things, but I recently caught up on “Sherlock”, and had the exact same thought the video’s creator did, which made me really appreciate his other points, as well. Hope you do, too.

[A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film] (Viewer #145,786)

UPDATE: I replaced the Vimeo version of the video with the YouTube version, so it should play better now.

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  1. Half on-topic, half off-topic, but “Sherlock” concurrently (right from the first episodes) solved the equally intransigent & tricky problem of depicting a character’s inner thoughts, without forcing him to narrate them in an internal monologue or blurt them out to another character: Sherlock can look at a clue, and a hovering bit of text informs the viewer what he deduces from it. “Pop-Up Videos” artistically done.


  2. Sherlock is one of my favorite shows (wish they made them more often). I never thought about it, but I agree that the texting thing and the pop-up information thing are really well done. You get the information without it disrupting the show or being cheesy.



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