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A new 80-page report from the US Department of Agriculture suggests creating “talking shopping carts” to help shoppers select healthy items.

Yes, because standing next to the guy in the store yelling into his cell asking his wife which soup to buy isn’t annoying enough.

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  1. If only there was some sort of device that could be used to buy food…but only certain kinds of food….like if there was a machine you could stick the device in and it would say. no the dept of agriculture disapproves of this purchase of 1200 Twinkies and 40 gallons of Coke, you may only buy bread and water. Since they are sooooo concerned about people’s food choices, you’d think that the people important enough to be provided with free food by the dept of agriculture would be at the top of the list of people they’re concerned about. Oh well, maybe someday, one of those important people will invent it, after all, they’re the “best and the brightest” people in all the world, Obama said it so it must be true.


  2. Another reason for me to wear ear buds in the store, even if I don’t connect them to anything.

    (I hope they use Fran Drescher as the voice for these things.)



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