Watching This Makes Me Realize How Blissfully Happy I Am to Be Living in a Society With Advanced Technology

[Baskets and stone hatchet] (Viewer #487,406)

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  1. Driving a stone chisel toward his bare foot makes you hope that he has access to something better than stone age medical care available.Still, watch carefully, this is how the environmentalist movement would like to see you living (you, not them).


  2. Pro tip: Make stone axe first.
    Find someone who makes baskets.
    No need to make your own baskets.

    If you find a log with a sizeable cross-section, carving a basket out of it would give you one that’s more waterproof. (Heavier, I’ll grant you. But you can make a nice tight lid, too.)

    Instructional videos from un-tanned Cultural Studies majors who spent a semester with Pueblos or Aztecs or whatever aren’t as impressive as seeing people whose lives depend on these skills.



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