The Illustrated Frank J: Episode 8!


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A Billion Dollars Buys a LOT of Teflon

The New York Times on Hillary v. Donald: “Mr. Trump clearly had a keen sense of the electorate’s mood and that only a concerted campaign portraying him as dangerous and bigoted would win.”

Good luck getting that to work. He’ll probably start showing up at rallies wearing a “dangerous & bigoted” T-shirt

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Link of the Day: Satire – Scalia Gone, Obama to Pick Black Lesbian Amputee Vet

[High Praise! to ScrappleFace]

Scalia Gone, Obama to Pick Black Lesbian Amputee Vet

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I Don’t Care Much About Costumery As a General Rule, But I Found This Fascinating & Insightful

[The Costume Designer] (Viewer #7,241)

And for those had the same thought as me, Pixar denies the conjecture that Edna Mode was modeled off Edith Head.

Yeah, I don’t believe them either.

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As Good As It Gets for Her

In Minnesota, Chelsea Clinton spoke to a “crowd” of 75 people and said that Republicans had “racist, homophobic, sexist rhetoric and policy ideas”.

Huh… must be angling to take over Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC gig.

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Proving Trump Is a Racist: Liberal Edition

[High Praise! to American Digest]

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