I *Thought* She Looked Familiar

On CNBC, Hillary Clinton said “I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times”.

Huh. Didn’t know she was in ANY Charlie Chaplin movies.

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Link of the Day: Bigger Tents: On Rebranding “CONSERVATIVE” and “REPUBLICAN” with “AMERICAN”

[High Praise! to American Digest]

Bigger Tents: On Rebranding “CONSERVATIVE” and “REPUBLICAN” with “AMERICAN”

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Jedi Are Just Hipsters With Laser Swords

The story is pretty flavorless, but the special effects are excellent for fan made. Although I admit taking a certain degree of schandenfreude-y pleasure from the tale, since I find the Jedi annoying, as they reek of hubris.

[DARTH MAUL: Apprentice – A Star Wars Fan-Film] (Viewer #4,538,496)

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Also, You Better Not Card Them

A college in Maine is disciplining students for attending a culturally-offensive “tequila” party that featured “tiny sombreros”.

Yes, should’ve done something more respectful, like sneaking onto the campus grounds and getting free tuition.

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A Better Candidate

(Submitted by Anonymiss of Nuking Politics [High Praise!])

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