Back When Politicians Had Spines

[How President Reagan dealt with the Berkeley protesters in 1969] (Viewer #299,625)

Something to keep in mind for the upcoming anti-Trump protests.

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No Justice, No Sleet

$412,930 in taxpayer money was spent on a “scientific” paper on the “relationship between gender and glaciers”, which aimed to promote “more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions”.

Absolutely. Let’s start with forcing that berg to cough up Titanic reparations.

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Perspective on Hillary

[High Praise! to Gunslinger’s Journal]

“[Hillary’s] a power mad monster. It is difficult to determine just how far left, or right, she is to Sanders, given the savage lust for power that has driven her for decades. There are many graves in her wake.

“Compared to her, Capt. Ahab was just a guy looking forward to his next fishing trip.”

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Link of the Day: Feminist Picnic Falls Apart After No-One Makes Any Sandwiches

[High Praise! to The Daily Squat]

Feminist picnic falls apart after no-one makes any sandwiches

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Actually More of a Lie Than a Gaffe

During a town hall on MSNBC, Hillary Clinton gaffed that the US “didn’t lose a single person” in Libya during her time as Secretary of State.

Well, I suppose technically there IS a difference between losing and abandoning.

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Obama Warned Us – Obamacare’s Good News

Health care marketplace enrollment numbers are in, and it’s good news. Take a look: #Obamacare


“More people than ever are now more afraid of an IRS penalty than they are of overpriced, substandard health insurance”.

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Straight Line of the Day: Donald Trump’s One Weakness…?

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Donald Trump’s one weakness

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Random Thoughts: Trump and Despair

Trump vs Hillary – is this a presidential election or a vote on who’s the worst human being in the country?

The non-Trump candidates finally decide to do the right thing to stop Trump, and all accidentally drop out at the same time.

I’m kinda wishing there was such a thing as an effective Republican establishment.

GOP shouldn’t nominate that madman Trump. They should instead nominate…
*looks at remaining candidates*
So why are there only two parties?

Looks like this is going to be a black swan election. Trump winning/losing in a landslide are both very possible outcomes.

If Rubio were president, half the State of the Union address wold be him drinking water. Horrible.

I’m going to try out Trump’s tweeting style of adding a word to the end of my statements to amplify them. Smart.

A really really smart businessman would be able to build a wall on our southern border and get Canada to pay for it.

Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to vote Trump.

The perfect running mate for Trump would be Wile E. Coyote and then hopefully we wake up from this dream.

Can’t believe these douchebag frozen enchiladas want me to use a particular power setting on the microwave. Who even knows how to do that?

A party that is smart and serious enough to defeat Trump is not one that would nominate Hillary.

My advice for this election year is to put all your money into canned food and shotguns.

I don’t trust anyone who wasn’t calling Trump a clown months ago.

With Trump versus Hillary, you can tell which party has more integrity by how many vow not to vote for their nominee.

Hillary and Trump’s successes are both sad, but Hillary’s is sad in the way you usually expect politics to fail you.

The choice between Trump and Hillary is basically would you rather your house burn down or crippling depression.

Is Democrats’ strategy for Trump to call him a racist and a fascist? They do that for every Republican to the point it’s become white noise.

Trump is a horrible person, but that’s far far from saying the Democrats led by Hillary deserve to beat him.

“Did you say David Duck and the KAK? Never heard of them.”

It would be better idea if Oscars for a year were awarded a decade after. We’d then know which films were actually relevant.

If the election is Trump vs Hillary, at least we don’t have mandatory voting. I’d choose public execution over casting a ballot for either.

Are spelling tests still the same or do you now get credit if you get the word close enough for autocorrect to get it the rest of the way?

It’s too late. Trump is going to be the nominee. And probably president because Hillary is just that unappealing. Going to go live at sea.

The Trump people say they’re against the establishment, but the establishment are more likely to rally around Trump than conservatives.

Maybe in the long run, Trump will be a good thing. Kind of like how the Titanic led to better ship safety procedures.

Did voting booths always have a sign that says “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” or is that a new thing?

Does Super Tuesday supplant Taco Tuesday? Because then this is going to be the worst day ever.

Dems need more of a strategy for Trump than calling him a racist since that’s their strategy for every Republican. “This time we mean it!”

Yelling “Racist!” has been nothing but an election strategy for Dems for some time and thus they aren’t equipped to deal with actual racism.

Racial divisiveness has been profitable for the Dems come election time, but now we’re reaching a point where supply exceeds demand.

If you see racism as just a Republican problem to be shouted down, you are a big part of the problem.

Let it go. It’s all over, people. Let’s start coming up with a good name for the next country.

I’ll write our next Constitution. It’s going to be very short because it sounds like a very boring thing to write.

“Oh. Hillary versus Trump. Sounds like a great choice. We here in Texas are seceding, though, so email us and tell us how that turns out.”

Female ghostbusters? “I ain’t afraid of no gho– Ew! A spider! Someone kill it for me!”

Rally around Trump to stop Hillary? What exactly are we stopping Hillary from doing that we can be sure Trump won’t do as well?

Trump versus Hillary? I’d rather reelect President Logan from 24.

“You Won’t Believe This Clickbait Headline”

More and more people are starting to adopt the way Trump tweets. Sad.

At this point, I kind of want Trump to go ahead and secure the nomination so everyone will stop arguing.

Is Mountain Dew paleo?

I guess women could bust the smaller ghosts.

Can never tell when people are responding to an actual outrage or are just desperate to signal to everyone what righteous people they are.

Rubio did with Trump what someone with courage should have done a long time ago. But that’s not good election strategy. Horrible system.

The difference between Trump and any other GOP nominee is when the Dems call him a racist and a fascist, they’d be sincere for a change.

I’m letting my daughter watch the original animated Disney’s Cinderella, or are the old Disney princess movies sexist hate crimes now?

Because of super delegates, every state Bernie wins only puts him further behind Hillary. Win anymore states and he might as well drop out.

I wish I was enlightened and righteous enough to be hateful about Nancy Reagan on her death.

Dems, Hillary is not a great option for stopping Trump. Very unlikeable. Just remember what you thought of her in 2008.

I can’t vote for Trump because I have principles and a coherent ideology, but everyone else knock yourself out.

Movie Pitch: Somehow, the two most unlikeable people in the country end up as the two presidential candidates. And then they fall in love.

Had dream where there was college class I forgot and I missed all the tests but I woke up and everything was okay but Trump is still a thing.

For how many decades am I going to have nightmares about my grades in college? How did that scar my psyche so?

Now all children’s educational shows are nothing but nightmarish creatures shrieking at the void because Common Core.

“Innovators are the scourge of this nation and they must be stomped down!”
“Is the FBI watching this?”

“Math was invented by Wall Street to hold down the poor!”
“I was married to a president.”

“Billion! Scary number! Must be stopped!”
“I am human female. Therefore if you are human female, you must vote for me.”

“Corporations are taking all our money in exchange for goods and services! This must stop!”
“Just give me my damn presidency!”

Children are the easiest to deport. You can fit more of them in a deportation pod.

You can call the Repub debates a clown show, but you’re as bad as a Trump voter if you try to pretend the #DemDebate is smart and reasonable.

I’m going to take Iron Man’s side in Civil War because I instinctively trust the judgement of people in robot suits.

If we picked presidential candidates at random, it would be statistically impossible to come up with a worse choice than Hillary vs Trump.

I would vote for the Captain America: Civil War trailer for president.

“One cough drop every 2 hours.” Yeah, whatever, bag of Halls.

How do you explain govt to kids? “They demand money from you and will send people with guns if you don’t pay. We pretend we control this.”

We’re starting to have a conflict of Trump’s overt fascism and the left’s crypto-fascism.

It’s going to be the subtle racism and fascism of the Democrats versus the overt racism and fascism of Trump and I don’t see a happy ending.

Dems are going to have trouble attacking Trump on anything and not being seen as hypocritical b/c he’s a fun house mirror version of them.

“If you see something, say something.” -motto every dog lives by

In November, the American people are going to be given two clear choices on paths away from classical liberalism.

What do people chant when they get fired up at a Hillary rally? “Status! Quo! Status! Quo!”

My company has begun playing in VR and has made a VR app. Grab some Google Cardboard and give it a look. iOS Android

Even though I did the stitching for the video and programmed the app, I still find it hard to believe 3D 360 video works at all.

Oh, and make sure to wear earbuds. You only get the 3D sound with earbuds.

It’s funny how popular Stormtroopers are considering that they’re about the most useless, unthreatening mooks in all of cinema.

I guess it doesn’t matter if you can ever hit anything or successfully threaten a farm boy as long as your armor looks cool.

They did get a bit of a threat upgrade in the newest movie, though. “Traitor!”

Watching SPECTRE. I’ve decided not to trust the guy played by Moriarty.

Used to like IMDB trivia, but now feels like it’s filled with irrelevancies. “This is 5th Bond movie where 3rd letter of the title is an e.”

In the new Indiana Jones movie, is Harrison Ford going to be dramatically killed by Shia LaBeouf?

Everyone loves VR now. And we’re pretty sure it’s not just a fad again like in the 90s.

For now, I think I get to call myself an expert in VR video since the field is so small.

How long until we stop freaking out over everything Trump says? He says dumb, poorly-thought out things. We all know this. Not news.

The reason Greedo tried to shoot Han first is because Han killed his six brothers: Prideo, Lusto, Slotho, Wratho, Gluttonyo, and Doc.

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Because the Government’s Not “Helping” Enough

In a recent speech, President Obama proposed a new program to help families who “don’t have access to the supply of diapers they need”.

A perfect follow-up to Obamacare, which is providing us with a rich supply of what makes diapers stink.

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