I Don’t Care Much About Costumery As a General Rule, But I Found This Fascinating & Insightful

[The Costume Designer] (Viewer #7,241)

And for those had the same thought as me, Pixar denies the conjecture that Edna Mode was modeled off Edith Head.

Yeah, I don’t believe them either.

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  1. Worthwhile viewing.
    You probably never cared much for costumery because so often it is done so badly, and yet the costume designer still got a check for it! Busby Berkeley numbers come to mind. Danny Kaye spoofed them in his “Anatole of Paris” bit in “Walter Mitty.”
    Edith Head was a recurring Hitchcock go-to choice, so she must have had something on the ball — and his pictures featuring Grace Kelly prove it — but why did she herself choose to look like such a frump? It’s an interesting psychological question.


  2. The most important question, is, of course, how many of the costume designers nominated for this year’s Academy Awards were black?

    That is how we judge quality.


  3. The first thought I had was when the narrator tells how painstaking they are in being period correct. So who is right then, the designers of the cowboy outfits of the 1940s and 50s, or the designers of the 80s and beyond?



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