The Illustrated Frank J: Merry Christmas! Somebody Else Paid for These Presents! Also, Merry Christmas! You’re Somebody Else!


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People Still Use Yahoo?

Yahoo! Inc. disclosed a second major security breach that may have affected more than 1 billion users.

Don’t worry. The internet the government will keep your Obamacare-mandatory personal health data on will be completely unhackable.

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Link of the Day: Heinlein Beat Up Sun Tzu and Took His Lunch Money

[High Praise! to Popular Mechanics]

6 Reasons Why ‘Starship Troopers’ Is the New ‘The Art of War’

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The Important Thing Is: an Eagle Is Gonna Die

New regulations on wind turbines permit them to kill thousands of endangered eagles every year.

But to the government’s credit, regs shutting down all those coal mines will protect thousands of eagles from dying of black lung disease.

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I Remember Back When Obama Was a Big Fan of Pie

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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How I spent my Christmas vacation

In the hospital

I do hope your Christmas and holiday time were joyful and a blessing. I know mine was, despite a couple of things: two hospital stays.

This post isn’t to ask for any sympathy or anything, but to explain where I’ve been. For those that noticed I’ve not been online much.

On the 15th, I had supper at Atlanta Bread Company in Columbus. I got sick. How sick? The store is now closed. Really. Apparently many Atlanta Bread Company stores have been closing during 2016, if my Google search is an indication.

Anyway, I got sick at work the next day, passed out, and they called EMS to take me to the hospital in Columbus. They released me that night. Unable to eat the entire weekend, I went to the doctor on Monday, and he sent me back to the hospital with specific instructions. They said I had an intestinal blockage. Stayed there for a few days, then was released after it was cleared. After spending Christmas eve with many of the grandchildren, on Christmas morning, I drove to southeast Georgia to spend time with the other grandchildren. And went back into the hospital that night.

After a few days, I was released and have appointments with my doctor and a surgeon this week. We’ll see how it goes.

So, despite spending many days in the hospital over the last half of December, I got to see all the grandchildren.

It was a good Christmas holiday.

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