The Illustrated Frank J: It’s Like “You’ve Got Mail” With Cankles


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Nobody Puts Trumpy in a Corner!

The current head of President Obama’s EPA said that Donald Trump has “limited room” to scrap Obama’s restrictive new climate rules.

I don’t know. Bulls have limited room in china shops, but they can make a lot of changes.

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REAL Investigative Reporting

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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Link of the Day: Dead Terrorists Always Make Me Happy, No Matter How Long They’ve Been Dead

[High Praise! to FoxNews]

Brian Kilmeade: What you don’t know about Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli pirates

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Opportunity Knocking Like Orcs at Helm’s Deep

Since Fidel Castro died, Cuba has been cracking down on dissidents.

They’re doing it all wrong. Make Fidel’s death work FOR them. Put a pay potty on his grave and charge ten centavos a tinkle.

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Trump Reveals Christmas Letter From Putin

"Am annexing Santa's Workshop. Will now be called North Russia. Also, I will wrestle then eat heart of polar bear. Also, eat hearts of Santa elves."

Am annexing Santa’s Workshop. Will now be called North Russia. Also, I will wrestle then eat heart of polar bear. Also, eat hearts of Santa elves.

New York (AP) – On Friday, President-elect Donald Trump shared a Christmas letter he received from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a translation of the December 15 letter provided by the Trump team, Putin wrote that he hopes the US and Russia can act in a “constructive and pragmatic manner” to ensure the stability and security of the world.

“Putin like Trump,” read the letter, in part. “Is smart man. Not like President Reset. Also, wife not look like spaceship-flying bear from Star Wars. We can work together. Make world safe place. We share Ukraine. Your half can be 51st state. Or maybe trade your half for California. Too commie for you, anyway.”

In a statement, Trump called it “a very nice letter.”

“It’s much better than what I got from Obama,” said Trump. “Do you know what that guy gave me? Ipod full of him reading my mean tweets. I already have one of those. In my voice. I do it a lot better.”

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Straight Line of the Day: Now Heading the List to Become America’s 51st State…

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Now heading the list to become America’s 51st state

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Clinton & Trump Were a Perfect Match

Still bitter, Bill Clinton said that Trump knows how to get “angry white men to vote for him”.

Which worked out well for Trump, since Bill’s harridan bride knows how to get white men angry.

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