The Illustrated Frank J: Finally! Our Long National Nightmare Is Over. Or Will Be Once It Actually Starts


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Snowball Machine Gun

[High Praise! to HokieGomer]

[Snowball Machine Gun – How to make] (Viewer #4,138,702)

Me, I think they should’ve replaced the Ghostbusters theme at the 3:50 mark with Adagio for Strings

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Netflix Picked It Up As a New Drama Series!

A new study shows that excessive use of social media can lead to depression.

On the upside, it’ll give you something to post about.

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Funny, I Always Assumed He Was NSA

[High Praise! to slapout]

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Link of the Day: I’m Listing “Hillary Elected” As Number 14

[High Praise! to The People’s Cube]

Top 13 Things that Didn’t Happen in 2016

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Won’t Even Walk Into a Chuck E. Cheese Unless They Can Wipe Their Feet on an American Flag First

Vladimir Putin criticized American Democrats, saying know they don’t know “how to lose with dignity”.

Huh. He must be new to the US political scene. Democrats don’t know how to do anything with dignity.

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Straight Line of the Day: Didn’t See That Coming… Obama’s Building a Wall Around…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Didn’t see that coming… Obama’s building a wall around…

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It’s Not REAL Evil, It’s Just Girl Evil

After praising the electoral college in 2012, Slate’s latest hit-piece now calls it “an instrument of white supremacy”.

Ah… so they’d have been OK with it if it elected Hillary as our new Hitler?

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