The Illustrated Frank J: The Goatee Is the Universal Symbol of Evil. Trump Should Grow One Just to Make Liberals Freak Out. More.

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It’s a Globalized World. You Just Live in It

George Washington University has changed its course requirements for history majors to no longer include US History.

Yes, excellent idea, since the outcome of every major conflict in the last 100 years was determined in large part by what Luxembourg did.

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2016: The Year of the Woman

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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Link of the Day: Satire – Trump Claims America Should Never Have Given Canada Its Independence

[The Burrard Street Journal]

Trump Claims America Should Never Have Given Canada Its Independence

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Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About You. What Do YOU Think of Me?

In President Obama’s farewell address, he referred to himself 75 times.

About par for the narcissist. I’m just surprised he didn’t manage to squeeze in a round of golf, too.

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Promoted Comment: Wonderful World of Hillary

[left in the comments to this post by Oppo [High Praise!]

(To the tune of “Don’t Know Much About History“)

Don’t know much about her story
Don’t know much criminology
Don’t know much about séance books
Don’t know much about defense she took

But we do know that we loathe you
And we know that if you left us too
What a wonderful world it would be.

Don’t consider I’m a useless breather,
Don’t know much about triggers, either.
Don’t know much about Al-Jazeera.
Don’t know what a sliding scale is, Kira.
But I thought that one and one is two,
And if this one could be without you,
What a wonderful world this would be.

I don’t claim to be an AA student,
But I’d like to be.
For maybe by being an AA student or baby,
It’s a win-win, gov., for me.

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Straight Line of the Day: If You Listened Very Carefully During President Obama’s Farewell Address, You Heard…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

If you listened very carefully during President Obama’s farewell address, you heard…

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Maybe You’re Missing the Point of Having a Film Festival

At the Sundance Film Festival, the theme for this year is “Climate Change”.

I’m looking forward to the year when it’s “good movies”.

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