The Illustrated Frank J: That Would Actually Put an End to the War on Terror in a Heartbeat


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Still Not Known: Whether They Want to Binge-Watch Netflix

New medical studies show that chronic drug abusers still crave chemical stimulus even after death.

Ah… we may be one step closer to understanding Democrat voting patterns.

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Link of the Day: Trump Scary, Trump Appointments Less So

[Fox Opinion]

John Stossel: Why I hope Trump will break many of his promises (and soon!)

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Well, Obviously Global Warming Data Is a Unique and Special Case With Unusual Attributes. Like Billions in Government Grant Money

A new climate report shows that 100% of “warming” in the US can be attributed to the manual adjustment of government temperature data.

Funny… when I manually adjust the data in my bank account like that, my checks bounce.

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Apparently Russia Hacked California a Little Too Hard

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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