The Illustrated Frank J: I Like When the Government Leaves Me Alone, and That Doesn’t Cost Anything


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I Say We Set Obama Adrift Between Havana and Miami in a Leaky Rubber Raft and Ask Him to Reconsider His Policy

The Obama administration said it will no longer grant automatic residency to every Cuban who successfully sets foot on land in the US, ending a longstanding exception to US immigration policy.

Another stupid Obama policy. Forget the wall with Mexico, let’s build a walking bridge to Cuba.

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Link of the Day: Despite Their Denials, They Really Do Say “Aboot”


Why Do Canadians Say ‘Eh’?

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When You Put It That Way, I Agree With Michelle Obama

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Obama Vows to Bring Those Responsible to Justice

During an interview with 60 Minutes, President Obama said that sometimes during his time in office he “lost the PR battle“.

So… global warming, Russian hackers, or YouTube video?

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