The Illustrated Frank J: But They All Got A’s in Community Organizing


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Oddly, Enjoyed This More Than Some of the Oceans Movies

Careful, there’s a couple swears

[THE ART OF THE HEIST | Chris & Jack] (Viewer #87,791)

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Carnival Barker Seeks Bigger Carnival

The incoming Trump administration wants to hold bigger White House press briefings that includes bloggers and others who aren’t from the mainstream media.

Frank J’s first question: “what’s your nuclear weapons policy regarding our common enemy, the moon?”, to which I’m hoping for a response of “Already nuked. Next question.”

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But On the Bright Side, You Don’t Have to Shave Your Legs Unless You’re Michael Phelps

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

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Link of the Day: Satire – Obama Awards Himself “Greatest President Ever” Medal During Farewell

[The Barbed Wire]

Obama Awards Himself “Greatest President Ever” Medal During Farewell

[Think you have a link that’s IMAO-worthy? Send it to If I use your link, you will receive High Praise! (assuming you remember to put your name in the email)]

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Ounce of Cure Not Worth a Pound of Hillary

The Clinton Foundation announced it’s laying off 22 staffers as part of a plan to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Great plan. Like slipping on a bullet-proof vest AFTER you get shot.

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Straight Line of the Day: According to a New Survey, the Thing Government Could Do to Improve Its Popularity…

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

According to a new survey, the thing government could do to improve its popularity

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Disco’s Dead. Now Liberals Want It to Vote

A pile of self-important Hollywood stars have made a video which shows them singing “I Will Survive” about Trump’s inauguration.

If you’re taking requests for disco remakes, how about “Last Dance“?

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Random Thoughts: John Lewis and Zelda

Maybe when the next Game of Thrones book comes out it can be bundled with Half Life 3.

If you want to save the ACA, you need to be more honest about Obama’s lies about it, its flaws, and who it’s hurt.

The problem with claims that repealing the ACA will cause people to die is there were so many lies on passage, why would people listen now?

How do I prevent my children from becoming woke?

To the left, Trump is like this monster where hitting it with all our normal weaponry only makes it stronger.

Wow. Getting a dual-boot into 32-bit Windows on a 64-bit system a lot more complicated than I remember. Learned new acronyms: UEFI, MBR, GPT

I see a bunch of people claiming there will be deaths without the ACA. Honest question: Are there stats to back that up?

ACA Debate:
“We have to kick you in the balls or people will die of cancer.”
“Why do you have to kick us–”

If you like civil rights, the last thing you should do is invent a reason to not criticize a partisan politician.

It’s morally wrong to NOT criticize a partisan politician.

I’m not going to say Trump is a legitimate president. He’s just no more illegitimate than the others.

Memo to Joss Whedon and others: To be an effective opposition to Trump, you need to be less angry and hateful than white nationalists. Less.

Right now, people who act like Joss are basically the front lines of Trump’s reelection committee.

John Lewis has been a partisan politician for decades. If you won’t criticize him, you’re a bad American.

Of course Trump’s criticism of Lewis was dumb – because he’s Trump – but everyone else should be making the smarter criticisms.

John Lewis is not the special kid in class. The substance of what he said should be criticized the same as if it came from anyone else.

So is now the official position of the Democrats that what John Lewis said is true and they all don’t think Trump will be legitimate?

I’d respect any politician who sat out Trump’s inauguration because it sounds boring and they’d rather watch Netflix.

Why even have an inauguration? Just show up 9am at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and get to work.

Happy to see Hidden Figures was number one over the weekend. It’s a uniquely American story – both the good and the bad.

My kids are very susceptible to TV ads since they barely ever see them.
Really, a big selling point for Netflix for kids – even more than their original programming – is no toy ads.

An offensive line sounds like something from Flatland.

If the Cowboy’s quarterback totally blew it I had this great line comparing him to Luke Skywalker’s ill-fated gunner on Hoth.
No, I’m not really that big into sports. Why do you ask?

I talk to my kids about my favorite show in past tense. I keep forgetting The Simpsons is still on the air.

I will give Jack-less 24 a try, but it better wow me.

Watching Sherlock, I’m surprised to find that Elementary is still on the air. Hadn’t heard anything about it since it premiered.
But I guess that’s a lot of Network TV. “That’s still on the air?” They did eventually end JAG, right?

By the time my kids are in college, long running Sherlock will have as many episodes as Firefly.

Protests against Trump’s inauguration seems counterproductive. The problem with Trump’s opposition has never been that it’s not loud enough.

Make sure to honor Martin Luther King with myopic partisan politics.

“What’s Lex Luthor King Day?” -my daughter. So yes, we have some educating to do.

So the next Legend of Zelda is going to have voice acting. Nintendo is only two decades behind on that.

Don’t get silencer opposition. If you hate guns, then why do you want to hear them? No one hates dogs but wants them to be louder.

“All men are created equal” is a religious statement, not a scientific one.

Can’t believe President Obama pardoned all of ISIS.

As awful as Trump is and as many legitimate faults as he has, most of the opposition to him still seems to be partisan nonsense.

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