The Illustrated Frank J: We Don’t Have to Mention What It Makes You If You Spent Precious Hours of Your Life MAKING Those Videos


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I Have a Long Memory for Grudges

President Obama accused Russia of “a concerted effort to undermine confidence in our democracy”.

Yes, like that time Checkov stole high-energy photons from our nuclear wessels!

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Link of the Day: Satire – House Republicans Get To Work On Bill To Build The Death Star

[High Praise! to Totally Real News]

House Republicans Get To Work On Bill To Build The Death Star

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Make Funk Great Again

I think the keyboardist stole the bassist’s ‘fro

Also, that singer is the blackest-sounding whitest-looking white boy I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, nothing tricky about this, no gadgets or surprises, just some groovy funk for your listening pleasure.

[Funk Medley – Shining Star/Sing A Simple Song/Feel Like Makin’ Love: Lamont Landers] (Viewer #3,075)

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And Definitely Skip Confirmation Hearings

Donald Trump says he’s not mad at Democrat John Lewis for boycotting the inauguration, but “we’re off to a bad start”.

Well, I support Lewis’s efforts. In fact, I think he should encourage his fellow Democrats to boycott votes on Republican legislation, too.

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Gun Safety: Do It for the Children

[High Praise! to Freedom Is Just Another Word]

Veeshir points out that I also posted this about two years ago.

Apparently I haven’t changed a bit because this still amuses me.

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