The Illustrated Frank J: Well, We Wouldn’t Have This Problem if Men Knew How to Communicate

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Liberals Should Boycott It Like They Did Chick-fil-A

Starbucks is now on the verge of overtaking McDonald’s as the world’s most valuable restaurant chain.

Would’ve done it already, but they keep having to blow revenue replacing windows every time liberals “peacefully” protest.

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Link of the Day: Pass the Popcorn, The Trump Show Is a Fun Watch

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Outrage Dilution

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Mexico Drives a Hard Bargain

Donald Trump told Mexican President Nieto that he should cancel his scheduled visit to Washington if Mexico refuses to pay for a border wall.

Nieto said he’d pay, but only if Trump throws in a free Mexi-cannon so they can reverse-engineer it and make an Ameri-cannon to defeat the evil wall.

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Name That Gender

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