The Illustrated Frank J: Maybe If Liberals Screamed Louder, I’d Be Able to Understand Them


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For Educational Purposes

I found this analysis quite interesting:

[How Louis CK Tells A Joke] (Viewer #1,534,480)

Before you go Googling Louis CK, I’ll warn that this is probably the only family-friendly joke he’s ever told.

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Personally, I Always Suspect Vogons in These Situations

In video filmed from the ISS, an astronaut puts his hand in front of the camera to cover mysterious lights in the distance.

My guess: the astronaut knew there might be kids watching, and he’d just been mooned by a glowing-buttocked alien.

[title reference link]

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I Can’t Think of a Single Government Agency Outside of DoD That Doesn’t Deserve This

[High Praise! to AfterMath]

[reference link]

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Link of the Day: Fools! Don’t You Remember All the Temporary Bans Hitler Enacted?

[High Praise! to Scott Adams’ Blog]

The Persuasion Filter and Immigration

BONUS LINK ([High Praise! to Anonymissus]

Bill Clinton’s 1995 anti-illegal immigrant speech.

The only difference between that & Trump is the southern accent and the Democrat standing O.

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Open a B&B for Radical Muslims

More than one million people have signed a petition demanding Britain cancel plans for a state visit by President Trump following his ban on travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

So… how many of those petitioners let people from those countries vacation in their homes?

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Straight Line of the Day: Democrats Held a Symposium on “How to Talk to Real People”. They Said the Best Way to Do It Is…

High Praise! to DamnCat for the suggestion]

Works like this: I feed you Moon Nukers a straight line, and you hit me with a punch line in the comments.

Democrats held a symposium on “How to Talk to Real People”. They said the best way to do it is…

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Appropriate Power Corrupts Appropriately

President Trump signed executive orders on immigration that vastly expanded the authority of immigration officers to detain and deport illegal immigrants.

Democrats are outraged, saying deportation should only be used as a punishment for those who didn’t vote for Hillary.

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